Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Ask And It Shall Be Given

God surely has a sense of what we need - and a good dose of humor with that as well.

I was challenged a few weeks ago at a talk to bring a notebook to mass, spend some time before or after praying and asking God what one thing He wanted you to focus on during the week. I can always think of a million I should focus on, but actually just picking one is difficult and easier all in one. It helps me truly focus on the one and not get distracted by the long lists of imperfections I know I have, but it can be difficult to pick one.

(Side note: My husband and I split masses right now so our youngest can stay home and not be exposed to all the germs that comes with being at mass and hopefully keep him healthier in the process).

Anyway, so I was praying while I was waiting for my hubby to come home so I could leave for mass on Saturday since my kiddos were sleeping. I asked God what He wanted me to work on, prayed a bit and then opened my notebook to write. I started to write patience, and then felt like God was shaking his head saying,"Not this week - that one is for later."

I crossed it out, prayed a bit more and then wrote "prudence of speech." That's another one of those I have been working on a lot more the past year. I'm not sure why I used that wording, since I can't remember EVER using the work "prudence" in my life, but whatever.

My husband got home, I headed to mass, took a seat and was marveling how amazing it was to have a mass by myself without little boys when the first reading began.

Reading 1
Wis 7:7-11

I prayed, and prudence was given me;

I seriously started to chuckle. I think that was a sign I wrote down the right thing to focus on this week:). What do you think?

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