Tuesday, April 1, 2008

Free Ink At Walgreens

So I guess Walgreens just started offering printer cartridge refills and want to promote it, but tomorrow (Wednesday, April 2) they are offering one free ink refill. You can get the coupon here. It can be color or black - normally $15 for color and $10 for black.

I know we go through so much ink and nothing gets me to try a product like when it is given away.

Apparently if you live in Hawaii this is good for April 7 instead. Don't ask me why Hawaii is so special they get their own day separate from the whole country, but they do.

Remember to bring your cartridge with you. The refills work best when it is a recently used cartridge, just an FYI. I've tried it with older ones and I have not had luck with it.

Looks like they are not accepting Canon and Epson cartridges - so that kinda stinks. Good thing we have an HP:).

Enjoy your free ink!

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