Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Holy Week and Easter

I was quite frustrated last week because I had a list of things I was planning on doing to celebrate Holy Week.

Go to mass on Holy Thursday, stations of the cross on Friday, maybe confession, watch "The Passion of Christ," etc. None of them happened. None. My son was put in the hospital Tuesday and got out Friday about noon.

I was disappointed and stressed because of the week and then thought, I just can't handle any more "deep" stuff right now.

Then a friend gently reminded me that although we did not remember Holy Week the way I planned, we were walking our own road to Calvary that week. We were not faced with being put to death, but faced with some very difficult possibilities to accept.

I wanted to say we were weathering it good, but we struggled, a lot. But in the midst of that struggling, we were finding peace and comfort in God and His promises.

Oftentimes life does not follow the path we designate it to follow, but God always has a better plan and if we surrender ourselves and our plans, He reveals Himself and His plans to us.

So a belated Happy Easter. I have needed the past week to truly begin to process what we may be facing, but am finding peace in this Easter season and the hope and joy it brings.

I pray, as Mary prayed, to spare my son this difficulty, but truly want God's plan in our lives, even if it includes this disease for my son. We still don't know if he has a disease or is simply a very unlucky baby who just keeps getting sick over and over again. Please pray for him and for us as parents, that we can continue to provide strength and support to each other, him and our other son.

We praise God he was home for Easter and we were able to go on a trip we had reschulded multiple times.

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