Thursday, March 13, 2008

Thrifty Thursday: Almost New Baby/Toddler Items

Since I have two little ones, I like to get them toys sometimes. When my oldest was about 4 months, I bought a used exersaucer in great shape for less than $20. It was missing one toy, which I found and bought online on Evenflo's web site for less than $10. This Exersaucer normally retailed for nearly $100. After a good wash down and washing the seat in the washing machine, we put it to good use.

With the Internet everywhere now, it just takes a few clicks to get replacement parts for items that oftentimes people throw out or think they need to buy a whole one instead of just a part. It usually only takes a quick Google search.

Our stroller was looking a bit beat up, but I found out the part that was torn could be replaced for less than $10 on Graco's web site as well.

I just can't see paying for certain toys and items for baby brand new when I can get good ones with little wear for usually 30% of the regular price, especially when they outgrow them so quickly.

Just a thought when you are looking for that next item for your baby.

PS: The one thing I won't buy used is car seats because of the safety factor - you don't know if they've ever been in a accident and had structural damage that you don't see by just looking at it. Also if you want to know if an item has been recalled, look at the CPSC's Web site. I get emails from them when they recall children's items, but you can sign up for any ones you want on their site and it helps me keep up with any potential problems in my kids' toys or furniture.

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