Thursday, March 20, 2008

Thrifty Thursday: Grocery Store Deals

The grocery stores around here have "bonus" cards where you get special deals if you use your card. That in and of itself doesn't really save you money because the "deals" are often what the regular retail stores charge and you can use an in house bonus card if you forget yours.

However, a few times a year they run a special where if you earn a certain number of points in a 6-week period, often the equivalent to spending $250, you can get a free ham, turkey or whatever depending on the upcoming holiday. Around Thanksgiving we got a 13-pound turkey and we just got a 9.5 pound ham this week for Easter. The regular retail price is $15.

Lots of stores run specials like this, but you can't get in on them unless you pay attention. The ham will be more than we need for multiple meals, but it will easily serve as lunch meat and for other recipes until it is gone. I plan on just freezing what we don't eat in portions to use later.

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