Saturday, March 1, 2008

When You Know You are Doing The Will Of God

From the Mustard Seeds book by Mathew Kelly:

When you know you are doing the will of God, that alone is enough to sustain your happiness. When you don't have that, all the possessions in the world cannot sustain happiness in the depths of your heart.

It is so good to be reminded of often. Having all you could every want materially will not bring you happiness no matter how much you think it will. It's good for me to remember at times our family struggles financially and think, "if only we had x, y and z..."

We have a gift in the life we've been given. We have a beautiful family and we are called to live in the now and to do God's will. By doing that, we would all be much happier and have more peace in our lives.

The times I am truly listening to God's call in my life I find so much more peace than I could ever create on my own. I still have lots of ups and downs, but overall I am able to tackle so much more. What a wonderful gift!

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