Tuesday, November 4, 2008

"I Saw God Today"

This is a poem my brother wrote about our niece's death.

"I Saw God Today"

by Gabe Lozano

My prayers are being said
There’s singing in my head
A distant voice
But it’s not mine
It’s a friend's cry to the Lord

I saw God today
A mother's gentle hand
Her daughter's right beside
His hand is well in control

I saw God today
The face of a child
Selfless intentions
A moment independent of time

It’s her hand I see
An image I know
But time ticks again
My heart knows she's no longer here

Tears stain my face
Body overwhelmed
This time it's my cry to the Lord

His voice I hear
"I gave them a Gift,
A moment of perfection"
These words from God are so clear
Now, peacefulness
A feeling I know

It's a moment of grace
A perfect Gift indeed
Because Sydne saw God today

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