Friday, September 14, 2007

A Different Perspective

So I was speaking with our landlady today on the phone and she was talking about how she had a lot of medical problems and travels to New York to see her doctors. I found out that she is a survivor from September 11.

I really think I am going to see if eventually she'll sit down with me for an interview about it and about what is going on with her health. I think it could be really intriguing and I'm sure it's been done, but I could really improve my video skills in the meantime, so why not?

She said she was in WTC Bldg. 1 on the 105th floor when the planes hit. Being from the Midwest, I have met few survivors of the attacks and am always really interested in hearing their stories and how it has changed their lives, assuming it has, or why not, if it didn't.

I think I've found my project I am going to focus on during my time out here. Who knows, maybe it'll launch a new career and new possibilities for us in the future.

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