Thursday, September 13, 2007

A Place To Call Home

It's funny how God really begins to work things out when they seem impossible. I know i shouldn't be surprised because throughout my life it happens time and time again, but alas I am so very human and some situations seem to offer no hope.

We are in the process of selling our house where we used to live and we got an offer from the company, which was significantly lower than what we owed on the mortgage. We've worked out a deal with the company that will not leave us with anything extra, but should at least allow us to sell the house and start from scratch. It's really hard to let go of what you are trying to do and we feel like it's been a step back, but I feel blessed that in this terrible market we have an option. I am reminded often that many families don't and may face financial ruin because of it.

We finally moved into a new apartment and although I was against apartments, as far as this goes it's not bad. It's bigger than our house square foot wise and we have a garage for storage, a fenced-in back yard and a deck, calming my fears of having two little boys and no place for them to play. The neighborhood is filled with a lot of young families and I hope we can make soem friends here.

We visited the church we are planning on joining for mass last Sunday and felt right at home - it's definitely the place where God is calling us to be. We met very friendly and open people and hope it will be a positive experience for us.

I joined a Women of Grace study as well. I was quite hesitate because I am on average 15-20 years younger than most of the others in the group, but we have something in common.... we are all moms. That helps a bit. We'll see how it goes. I just am feeling the need for a community and a place to fit in more than ever.

Even though I have physically lived further away from home, I have never felt further from home. I always knew I would be coming back in a semester or less. When we lived in Chicago, I had to learn that I could spend the weekends "living" on the phone with friends or entertaining friends from far away or I could look for opportunities to make new friends and make myself more at home. It's just so difficult to start again from scratch, but I truly feel in my heart God has placed us here for a reason and I pray I open to accept the gifts and trials he has placed before me.

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