Wednesday, May 21, 2008

A Break

The last six months have been so busy, I am happy to report nothing new is happening:). Life has been bland and boring and predictable - which equals WONDERFUL! I feel like we are getting a much-needed break and pray it lasts a little bit longer at least.

I am still catching up on thank you notes and budgets and dealing with other household related things that were pushed back when our baby was in the hospital. My older son just turned two and the baby turned six months so we had nice little celebrations for them.

I am so looking forward to heading to the shore this summer, hanging out with friends and watching my boys play together.

My husband and I have really been enjoying a lot of little things lately too. We got to go on our first date without any kids since October. Our TV broke down, which was actually very nice and we have just been enjoying hanging out a lot.

And we have been laughing....a lot. Last week my two-year-old was getting a little rough with his trucks and trains. Our friend was holding the train and he hit the train on the top with a car. When we asked him to apologize (to our friend) he said, "Sorry, choo-choo." We couldn't stop laughing.

I may post in spurts this week and then not for awhile, but please keep praying for the baby. He is stable right now and looks like he may stay that way for awhile - we are praying he does and can gain strength in his lungs before our next winter. I think God knew we really needed a break so no matter what is in store for the future, we are truly enjoying our non-eventful days right now.

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Bob Lozano said...

I've always liked the word in spanish: tranquilo ... praise God for a time of peace!

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