Thursday, May 1, 2008

Thrifty Thursday: A May Freebie

I love using redbox. With two little boys, we rarely get to the movies or even watch movies that often and the $1/ night movies are right up our alley.

Well they apparently have a free movie Monday promo where they text you a message with the free code each Monday. During May, they are also offering free movie Wednesdays.

You can sign up on their site by clicking here.

You can see what movies they have and even rent online and pick up later at their web site

The best part is that if you really don't like a movie, you only spent a dollar and you really can't beat that:). Also you can rent at one location and return at another, which is great when I am running errands. We often rent in one state and return in another because my husband works in one and we live right next door in the neighboring state.

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