Thursday, May 1, 2008

Thrifty Thursday Bonus: Stamps

So for everyone who hasn't heard or who has forgotten, the United States Post Office is implementing another rate hike beginning May 12. Not really news of notice imho. What is though, is that they are offering stamps called the "forever" stamps. It came out in April 2007.

You can buy the stamps at today's prices and use them as long as you have them. Now that may not make a difference today or a year from now, but since they are steadily raising rates and likely will continue, they can be stored and used at any time. It saves the hassle of trying to get new stamps and a few bucks depending how much you use them.

Who knows? With the increasing costs of fuel, they may be worth double in a few years... I really hope not because that means we will be paying a lot for them, but who knows?

The USPS says they will continue to sell the forever stamps after the hike, but the price to buy them will increase with each additional rate hikes.

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