Thursday, August 7, 2008

Vote For Glamour's Women Of The Year

Our new sister-in-law Rachel is one of five finalists in the Glamour Women of The Year contest. If you have met Rachel, you know how much we adore her and how fabulous she is and it seems Glamour thinks so too.

We are shamelessly plugging her and asking you to vote for her. You can vote once a day until September 4 by going to this page. Even if you just vote once, I know she would appreciate it!

You can read Rachel's blog here. She is a three-time survivor of a rare form of cancer called an Askin's Tumor. She was told the last time it came back that no one had been known to survive a recurrance of that cancer after a bone marrow transplant and was given months to live. That was in 2002. You can read more of her story the Adult Bone Cancer Survivors' Web Site

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