Sunday, July 8, 2007

Honor Your Husband Challenge

I actually joined this challenge as I began this blog so it hadn't quite made it on here yet. Thanks to Christine at Fruit in Season for this challenge and Stacey at A Measure of Grace for passing it on:).

I LOVE this idea and it comes at a great time for me, I think. I have been having trouble finding the graces and blessings being moved so far across the country and away from everything and everyone I know, but I know the biggest reason we're here is my husband's desire to be able to provide for our family and allow me to stay home full-time should I choose with my baby and soon to be number 2.

I know he honestly doesn't want to see me unhappy and wants to be able to be a good provider and he is. I am even getting Sunday mornings "off" for a little blogging and some sleeping in.

So all of July (I think I got started a bit late:) is my month to honor my wonderful husband and all the ways he puts his family and our needs ahead of his.

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beccahope23 said...

I love this idea!!! Sorry I hadn't checked my myspace again until tonight but I just read through some of your blogs and I really enjoy them....I love you lots and lots ria!

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