Wednesday, July 4, 2007

I Know Someone

Ok so maybe I don't really know someone, but the good thing about knowing no one is that you have time to hang out with people if you run into people you like and you have time to meet pretty much anyone.

My son and I were getting ready to take a walk to the park when another mom who lives in the building (on our floor) came home from the grocery store. We began talking and she has a daughter not much older than Ethan. We hung out for about a half hour and she invited us to join them to play or for lunch. It was such a good feeling to connect with someone. I am such a social person and I think the most difficult part of any move for me is how very alone I feel without any girlfriends. It's difficult to not have people to hang out with, to go to lunch. I can't just drop my son off with my mom for a break or join my mom for lunch and it's so difficult for me when I don't have any other alternatives.

I met a really nice guy who lives next door too because my son was dying to play with his dog. It took us an hour to leave for the park, but it was one of the best hours I've have since I moved.

I get nervous about knowing no one because I think what would happen if there was an emergency. Who would I call to help? Who could watch Ethan in an emergency? The closest person I know if a 6-hour drive and she's once of the closest friends I've ever had, but I need people nearby too.

So we've been here almost two weeks and it's just nice to be meeting people. We're heading out to explore some of Philly today since we're nearby and it's the 4th of July. It's interesting to see what is around here since Philly is the U.S.'s first capital. At two decedents of the signers of the declaration of independence ring the liberty bell ... how cool is that?

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