Sunday, July 8, 2007

My Top 10 In Princeton

Since this was my first week going part-time, I had more time to actually see some stuff. Plus with the 4th of July, we got to go to Philadelphia and visit new things there....

1. Philly Cheese Steak
2. Liberty Bell on the 4th (I even saw the mayor of Philly there, he was about 5 feet from me).
3. Full-time exchanged for part-time at same salary
4. Baby slings for babies who want lots of lovin
5. Getting to try new ice cream places
6. Sundays at the beach
7. An actual holiday, where my husband is off and I don't have to work
8. Fun location, people actually want to visit (unlike Minnesota)
9. An easy-to-clean "house" since there is so little stuff
10. Planning trips to St. Louie

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