Thursday, June 5, 2008

Thrifty Thursday: Magazines

I just got a renewal notice for my Good Housekeeping in the mail .... yes I read it and have since I was nine. Anyway, if you haven't notice magazines and newspapers are losing subscribers more than gaining them and they will often offer you promo rates to make sure you stay with them.

The renewal notice was $24.99 for a year. I was not going to pay that much and decided to call to see if they offered any specials. Last year I paid $15 and was ok with that.

I like the magazine, but if I needed to, I can do without it.

After talking with the customer service representative, I was offered a two-year subscription for $20 -- yes $5 off the one-year price and only $10 a year. Worked for me so I signed up.

Never hurts to ask.

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Anonymous said...

Great tip. I think I may call them also.

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