Friday, June 6, 2008

Updates On Bottles With BPA

So I took mine back yesterday and they are accepting the bottles, not the extra nipples or pacifiers or anything like that. I got almost a $60 credit and bought two new kinds to try.

The first one was the Born-Free bottles, which we have yet to try, but looked pretty good.

The second one was the Adiri Natural Nurser, which looks weird, but we're hoping may work for our baby to take a bottle sometimes.

I didn't have a receipt and I didn't have the boxes. I took back the Avent bottles and the Playtex VentAire ones as well.

I also got a few sippies for my older one that are supposed to be BPA free.

Looks like Playtex is offering a free bottle (BPA-free) with the drop-ins at their web site.


AC Momma said...

My kids don't use bottles anymore (they are three and five years old). But I've been keeping up on all the BPA stuff. It freaks me out because both my kids used Advent and Playtex Ventaire, both for almost a year and a half of their lives.
If we have more children I will be more conscious about what bottles they will be using. As well as sippy cups.
My daughter still uses a sippy cup that has Disney princesses on it. I'm thinking of ditching them and getting her to drink from a SIGG water bottle and get her off the plastic sippies all together.
I wish we didn't have to think of these things, but we do. Thanks for sharing.

Mamacita said...

I know! I hate that we have to worry about it too, but at least we can get the information.

One idea I had (my first was in daycare but I am finally able to stay home, which means we rarely use bottles) was to take the old bottles in anyway and get ones we weren't worried about.

I figured even if we don't use them, maybe I can donate them to a crisis pregnancy center or something like that. I had been holding onto the old ones because I was nervous about donating bottles in question.

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