Thursday, October 25, 2007

Making The Most of Each Day

I was surfing the net and found this CNN story in CNN's "Young People Who Rock" section. Although the photo is weird - why in the heck does the woman have a mustache?!?!? - I like the idea she has and think it is not just for those facing what they feel is some milestone in their lives.

I am personally going to turn 30 in less than a year. I don't face it with dread, but the last few years have been very weird for me because I remember when my parents were my age and younger. I remember saying, "My mom is 27," when I was in kindergarten.

Instead I think how blessed I am to have had almost 30 years on this Earth and pray I am blessed with many more with my family and friends.

I do like what this woman is trying to do though. She has decided to try something new each day until she turns 30. I would think it would be so addicting in a good way you'd want to keep it up past then, but whatever:).

I really like this though because it makes examine all the big and little things in life and really appreciate them.

On that note, I am going to try to follow her lead and try something or learn something new everyday. I don't ever want to stop growing and learning and when I left grad school a few years ago, I knew that if I didn't seek out opportunities to learn and grow, I would experience so many less things in life.

God has given us one life to live - shouldn't we embrace it and make the most of where we are and what we have at the time? I challenge you to join in and try it until at least the end of the year. What have you got to lose?

Today: I am going to learn how to make a homemade quiche. My husband and I have really enjoyed quiche lately and it's about time I learn to make it - doesn't look that difficult:). Guess we'll see. I'll report back with the final product - even if it fails miserably.

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Obsessedwithlife said...

GOOD LUCK! (I'm impressed you are trying ;))

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