Sunday, October 28, 2007

My Favorite Ad Campaign

I usually don't pay much attention to ad campaigns in general, but one I have thought is far and above any I have ever seen is the Dove Campaign for Real Beauty. When I first save the 'True Colors' ad, I was working in a newsroom cutting all the commercials from the Superbowl during the Superbowl for our station's web site. It stopped me in my tracks and I watched it over and over again because I felt it was so powerful.

I remember always not feeling like I quite fit into the image of beauty because I didn't fit the tiny, blond-hair blue-eyed version of beauty. It didn't help that my best friend was gorgeous and fit that stereotype (although she was still insecure about herself - most girls are not immune). It wasn't until I spent a summer working for a camp for homeless kids with people from all over the world I began to realize how many forms of true physical beauty existed and how many other forms did as well.

After that realization, I didn't stop struggling with how I looked, but I grew to appreciate who God made me and how He made me and become more confident in who I was at the time.

As part of the media and specifically as a photographer, I have experienced first-hand how much the media can influence young minds and how much decisions made, specifically in editing, lighting and creating photographs, can really affect what people see and how they see themselves.

There are three YouTube videos posted on here. The first one, 'True Colors,' is my favorite and gives me chills when I watch it because it gives me hope that there are people actually pushing to change the status quo ... people in a position to actually affect it most.

'Onslaught' highlights how much what we are exposed to everyday can shape not only our minds, but the minds of our beautiful children as well and to me is a good reminder to be ever vigilant about what I allow my children to be exposed to.

Finally, 'Evolution' highlights the "amazing" tricks in Photoshop and sheds light on why no one can truly live up to the models they see in the magazines - no matter how hard they try.

Dove Film 'True Colors'

Dove Film 'Onslaught'

Dove Film 'Evolution'

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