Thursday, December 6, 2007

Thoughts To Ponder About Serving Others

So I was reading more of the "Mustard Seeds" book and I came across this thought:

Over coffee a man said, "Our role as Christians is to serve. Serving is not about ability, it is about availability."
How true is that? I know often I have missed opportunities to serve and help others because I think I have nothing I can truly offer them. I think my ability is not where i need it to be to be the best servant.

The truth is if we make ourselves available, God will use our willingness to be open to serve others in the ways He needs.

Several times I almost didn't take photos for various non-profit groups because I thought, "Who wants me to take photos for them? It's not like I'm famous. I haven't even been working out of college for long and don't have any prestigious awards to my name."

Often though I have decided to help out, mostly because the group really needs a photog. Oftentimes, the photos are better than what they expect and the organizations use them for many purposes in the following years.

Let us not pass us opportunities to serve because we're too worried about fine-tuning our abilities. Instead let us focus on seizing the opportunities we're presented with to serve and help others. We can let God worry about fine tuning our abilities to fit the needs of those we serve. All we have to do is say yes.

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