Saturday, August 11, 2007

Chaos and Blessings

That seems to fit life pretty well right now. In the midst of all of our chaos, we have had many blessings and are so grateful for friends, family and prayer partners God has placed in our lives over the years.

We thought we found a place to move into by next Friday, unfortunately the tenants can't get out in time and so we either have to find another place, find a smaller place, try to extend our stay here for a few weeks and rent a storage unit or pay a lot more for a place that's too pricey. We're not sure what will be the best option, but pray God shows us what path we should take.

With me being on complete bedrest, our toddler began daycare full-time. I hate putting him in it and he cries when we have to leave him, but I know at least he's getting a chance to play and be active instead of sit at home with me.

I was so pleasantly surprised by a box of goodies from friends in Minneapolis. It really, really made my day a bit brighter and was a very wonderful surprise. I also got a wonderful box of crocheting goodies and books from my mom, which really helps kill the boredom.

We've also gotten several prayers from many places and a lot of support who have faced similar situations. It really seems like when it rains, it truly pours. It is just nice to have people share their experiences saying they've been there and are still alive to talk about it:). It has really helped me feel more hopeful that this too will pass and we'll come out that much stronger when it is over.

My husband is such a blessing to me, especially during this time. He has taken on so much with no complaint and I know it's not easy for him. I couldn't ask for a more selfless and loving spouse. At times like these, when one of us truly carries the load (right now him), I really remember what a good team we can be.

He said sometimes he really enjoys me having to need him because I don't tend to be as needy as a lot of girls and would rather do a lot of things on my own. We truly need each other for support and love and prayers and it can be easy to forget when things are running smoothly. We especially need it during things like wrapping up grad school, moving to a new city and state and me being on months of bedrest.

So I thank God for a good man who makes me so thankful I married him. Even through our struggles and frustrations, we are gently reminded our marriage really is worth fighting for and we should always seek to strengthen the relationship and marriage we have, because it truly is a gift.

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