Friday, August 17, 2007

The Gifts In My Life

The last several months have been a lot of ups and downs, but mostly I feel like it's just been us trying to keep our heads above water. God continously reminds me when it seems like everything can't get worse, He is there carrying me when I can't walk one more step.

Out of the blue, we have been blessed with new people in our lives. Even with me stuck at home all the time, I have still had visitors and we have made it through. It is just nice to have interaction with others especially during this period. It's so nice when friends of your friends are people you would be drawn to anyway.

The doctors said I may be able to begin a modified bed rest in a few weeks, which at least gives me something to look forward to. Guess we'll see:).

Lately I've bene thinking about how difficult life has been and then I just get more frustrated and depressed. Instead I realized I really need to focus on all the gifts I still have in my life and what I can do to serve God, even from my prime spot on the couch.

My husband is such a gift in my life. Oh yes, we fight and don't agree on so many things, but when it comes down to it, he is my greatest supporter and my greatest ally and God reveals Himself to me through my husband in all the little things my husband does.

Whether it's getting up to make sure the door is locked each night after we're nice and comfy in bed or making sure I have milk in the fridge even when he hates milk and would likely never buy it if it weren't for me, he does so many things when he's so tired to serve me. They may not be the exciting romantic spur-of-the-moment weekends or grandieur things novels write about, but in the end those little things are more wonderful and really show how much someone really loves you than the other actions.

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