Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Corazones Dulces

Yes that's what I picked up last night in Target. Far away from the Mexican border in our local Target I decided to buy candy hearts. When I took them out this morning, I saw the boxes were labeled "Corazones Dulces" (candy hearts). They have hearts like beso (kiss), te amo (I love you), mi amiga (friend), guapo (handsome), linda (pretty) and bella (beautiful). It was fun to dig through them, especially since I speak Spanish (albeit somewhat faltering, but at times very good Spanish).

It brought a smile to my day, and I think I actually prefer them, even though I didn't realize I was buying candy hearts in Spanish. In the boxes I didn't see the stupid ones like fax me (who even uses a fax for fun anymore?), email me, or im cute. I am happy to eliminate those hearts:)

Here's a picture of some on them on a plate before i ate I am thinking about making my own valentine's cards with this photo this year.

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Anonymous said...

The picture would make a cute card


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