Saturday, February 16, 2008

For All Those Toys

We have been trying to figure out good ways to organize our toys and get our son, who is 21 months, to help clean them up. I picked up these really cool Sterilite containers at Target (I think they are new because I've never seen them before).

We took pictures of the three main containers of toys and got them printed. Then we took some contact paper and labeled each container so he has a picture and a word to go with each box. The labels are not perfect, he spent the whole time trying to hold the pictures of his favorite toys, but they work.

The best part is the containers stack on top of each other so at the end of the day, we stack them up and wheel them into a corner. Also our son is so excited to pick up his toys and match them with the pictures on the boxes. Who knows how long that will last, but works for now:).


Anonymous said...

It looks like a good solution.


Obsessedwithlife said...

That's so cute and creative!

Mamacita said...

I wish I could say it was all mine, but I had a little help from a daycare teacher who suggested the pictures:).

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