Tuesday, November 13, 2007


I tried making raviolis last week and failed miserably so tonight I took another stab at the pasta making -- mostly because I still had all the stuffing for the raviolis.

I am happy to report I successfully made, from scratch, cannelloni. I actually made two pans, one to bake and one to freeze. I decided to make a combo of butternut squash, pumpkin and some spices along with sausage.

With the ravioli I got hung up on my raviolis falling apart as I worked them through the pasta machine and finally we had some really sad looking pasta. Luckily my husband humored me and told me it really wasn't that bad. The only part that wasn't bad was the filling.

Then I realized I had to run the dough through the machine several times before attempting to make them into raviolis. Today it worked a lot better. After making the two pans, I used the extra dough to make noodles for a later dinner.

Before the sauce....

Extra noodles....


Anonymous said...

Looks great. We had canneloni tonight also but I bought the canneloni already stuffed and made the sauce.


Anonymous said...

Wow!! I want to learn to make my own pasta! It would be the perfect part of my italian heritage to pass on to my kids! I am inspired - and they look delicious!

Obsessedwithlife said...

beautiful! Go Maria (and Jayden) ;)! Good way to pass the time...Gabe and I cooked for my parents last Friday. Good times

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