Thursday, November 15, 2007

Thrifty Thursdays: Preparing For Baby

NOTE: This was supposed to get poasted last Thursday, but as babies come we left in the middle of the night early Thursday morning for our new little one's birth. He was born Thursday and we are now home from the hospital so we can post:).

A lot of times you can find great deals just by keeping your eyes and ears open. Normally I don't even listen when I hear ads for meal-prep places like Sociale, but last year I got a half-priced gift certificate for it. I bought five meals for $30. It was when life was very chaotic and due to our circumstances I couldn't stay home with our son. I went one day and made up the meals and we enjoyed them over a two-week period. It was a nice break for me and when I figured out the costs, some of them actually cost less than if I had gone out and bought the ingredients to make them at home.

Preparing for our second baby's arrival, I have been storing up meals in our freezer. Since we're still new to the area, I doubt we'll have many visitors except our out-of-town family and I want to make sure we don't resort to going out just because my husband and I are exhausted.

While you may grow tired of pastas, they are very easy to prepare ahead of time and freeze. So far I have made a few lasagnas, the canneloni and chicken parmesan.

Another thing that I try to keep around are lots of common meats for the dishes. I get them when they are on sale, divide them into meal sized portions and freeze them. Since there have been so many meat recalls recently, I have begun writing the information (when we bought them, what they are) on the bags in permanent marker as well so I know if meat I bought got recalled. I hate throwing out something because I am not sure whether or not it was recalled and I am not willing to take the chance.

I would love to hear of other recipe ideas people prepare ahead of time for quick dinenrs on busy nights.

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