Thursday, November 29, 2007

Thoughts To Ponder: Preparing For Christmas

I am reading a book given to me by a woman at church called "Mustard Seeds" by Matthew Kelly. It is a book with little one-line thoughts for the day and many of them are meant to get you thinking.

Anyway, I figured I'd mention ones that stand out to me from time to time. On November 20th, the entry is this:
This Christmas take as much time and care preparing your soul to receive Jesus as you do to prepare food, gifts and your clothes.

How cool is that? What a great challenge..... I know most years I spend so much time running around, getting presents ready and Christmas cards postmarked and trip plans made I can easily lose sight of the reason any of this means anything at all.

This year is a nice break because I threw all (ok most) of my expectations out the window. We decided not to travel and it will just be the four of us on Christmas here. Gifts are simple and we prepared most of them before our second son arrived.

Still, there is so much more I can truly do to prepare my heart and mind for the Christmas season. Every time I look at that entry, it is a reminder for that Christmas is so much more than the festivities and we need to not lost Christ in the Christmas.


Gabe said...

So tuff ;)!

Anonymous said...

Thanks. That was great. I really like Matthew Kelly.


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